the c word


  Vision and values


the c word is committed to establishing long-term relationships with clients and suppliers who we are passionate about and inspired by maximising their investment in communications.


Trust – we believe mutual trust is an essential ingredient in any successful relationship and work hard to ensure there is strong trust between the c word and our clients and suppliers

Innovation – our team are encouraged to think beyond today and consider what’s next for our clients, our partners and our business

Passion – nothing beats genuine passion and enthusiasm for a product, brand, person or organisation.

Obsession – a little bit of obsession never hurt anyone. We believe it’s important to be obsessed with details, whether they’re small or large.

Clarity – we maintain high levels of clarity so that everyone working on a project knows what’s happening which means there are no hidden surprises.

Transparency – We are sure you’ll agree that one of the most important values an organisation can have is transparency and at the c word we hard to make sure there is nothing we don't want to share.