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We deliver a range of communication services that act as the fuel to drive your business.

We capture, create, circulate and calibrate.








Brainstorming sessions

We believe brainstorming is about creativity and control. We establish an environment where your team feels comfortable sharing information and conceptualising new ideas. The combination of your experience and our fresh eyes means we can kick around ideas together in order to develop new visions, goals or plans.

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Story-telling sessions 

Story telling has been used for generations to share knowledge and educate new members of families and organisations. Our tema helps capture the stories that exist within your organisation whether they’re from groups of staff, customers, suppliers or individual members of your team.

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Planning workshops

With Post-its and Sharpies in abundance, we can help your organisation clarify the goals and objectives required to achieve its wish list of future business achievements. By clarifying your goals and reflecting on your past achievements, we can develop a clear action plan to achieve business success. These sessions are an important part of the preparations for a communication strategy or plan and can also provide invaluable information during broad business planning.

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Literature and media reviews

We can provide a detailed report on areas of interest for your business by reviewing current journal articles, books and reports. We can also provide an analysis of mentions in media including print, broadcast, and websites as well as across social media.

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Focus groups

We can conduct surveys with small groups of relevant audiences to provide feedback and research on products, branding and public perception, providing your business with a detailed report of our findings.

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Telephone and online surveys

We can develop and implement surveys of relevant audiences via telephone and the internet. These surveys can provide feedback and research on products, branding and public perception, providing your business with a detailed report of our findings.

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Stakeholder mapping

What do you know about your stakeholders? Working closely with you and your team, we conduct an analysis of the various stakeholders involved in a project, with your organisation or with a specific campaign and develop a comprehensive guide to help you communicate with them.

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Community consultation

We can organise and conduct workshops with stakeholders from relevant communities to provide feedback on specific issues/projects. We can also manage the communication with the community members to ensure they are informed before, during and after the workshops.

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Sponsor profiling

It’s important to be prepared when you’re asking for sponsorship support. We can help you develop comprehensive profile about potential sponsors to help you when putting your idea forward for funding or support. These profiles will help you create a more tailored sponsorship proposal.

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Brand audits

In collaboration with the award-winning graphic design studio, housemouse, we will analyse and evaluate your branding across all mediums and offer advice and suggestions. We can then implement required changes using our graphic design collaborators.

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Campaign planning

We can develop a campaign plan or strategy complete with communications plans and detailed action plans that your staff can implement or we can assist with.

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Internal (employee) communication

Whether it’s the development of a training manual or a comprehensive strategy for the relocation of thousands of staff, we can develop and implement tailored internal communication plans using the most appropriate methods and practices.

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Publicity planning

If you have an event, product launch or announcement, we can develop a publicity plan to target specific and relevant media and maximise exposure for your business.

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Issues management

Whether it’s planning for a potential issue or communicating with your customers, the media and other stakeholders during a crisis, we can help you with issues management advice and support.

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Sponsorship strategies           

We can help you develop a strategic approach to recruiting and managing sponsors for your organisation. Our crew will help you identify potential sponsors to approach and develop a sponsorship prospectus to offer them outlining all the potential benefits and risk for proceeding with the partnerships.

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Key message development

We can identify the main points to highlight in your business communications to ensure you are not sending out mixed messages. By narrowing down your business goals and wish list, we can develop clear messages to guide your business communication.

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Communication coaching

Whether it is for media or public speaking, we can tailor a training session and training guide for your needs. During the session, the team will put you through your paces so you will feel more confident answering questions from the media or conference guests.

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Writing and editing media releases and press kits

We can produce press statements about important announcements or edit existing copy to make your press release stand out from the crowd. We can also develop press kits for media launches or campaigns, which can include the release, background information, biographies and images.

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We can develop creative copy for brochures, websites, reports, magazines, annual reports and a range of other written forms. We can work from raw data, edit existing pieces or develop the content from scratch.

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Media release distribution

Once a media release has been developed, we can distribute it to our media contacts targeting relevant print, radio, TV and websites to maximise media coverage.

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Media pitching

Whether it is for interviews, launches or product releases, we will deliver a publicity plan targeting relevant media for your business. We will contact our extensive media networks to secure widespread media coverage.

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Media launches

Our team will ensure a media launch is well attended and generates great media coverage and word-of-mouth. We will organise the venue and event, distribute invitations to media and other relevant stakeholders and manage the media in attendance.

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Publicity tours

Our experience in this field will not only ensure smooth running and a well-scheduled itinerary for the talent, but will also ensure local and national media coverage.

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Event management

We can organise an event that will be the talk of the town; everything from venue hire, catering, guest lists, sponsorship, security and staffing. We can guarantee it will be a smoothly run and fun night for your guests.

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Video production

We can produce small to large-scale video productions in studio or on-location with particular focus on educational and newscast services.

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Graphic design

Through our collaboration with an award winning design team, housemouse, we can manage design projects from briefing through to print.

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Campaign management

From planning and strategy to implementation, we can manage a campaign for your business from start to finish; ensuring all the Ts are crossed and Is are dotted.

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Community engagement

We can liaise with community stakeholders on your behalf to ensure their feedback and opinions are well represented in projects affecting local communities.

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Social media campaigns

Our team can develop a social media strategy and implement a campaign covering Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other tools. We can also develop a strategy and training for your internal staff to comfortably implement once training has been completed.

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Sponsorship recruitment

We can assist in identifying potential sponsors and also develop a sponsorship prospectus for recruitment. We can handle the recruitment on your behalf or provide you with the tools to assist your team.

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Conference management

We can ensure a smoothly run conference; everything from venue hire, catering, panellists, travel, audiovisual hire, goodie bags, printing of relevant documents and managing guest lists.

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Campaign reporting

Once an analysis is complete, we can provide an extensive report outlining the goals achieved, the coverage, challenges and lessons learned for future initiatives. The report will also include recommendations.

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Campaign analysis

Our team can thoroughly review past or current campaigns offering our opinions on what were the strengths and weaknesses. We can identify what areas to focus on in future and how you can improve on future campaigns.

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Issues monitoring

Whether it’s an issue you’re facing or one your competitors are facing, we can develop and implement a plan to ensure your team stays up to date with what the media, your shareholders, your customers and the general public are saying.